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Since 2023 we have decided to reward the many customers who have chosen WS for their suspensions for years and we have created the fidelity cards, which every so many. revisions or preparations entitle you to a free revision or preparation!! come and request it in store!!!

ws suspension
motocross Lombardy


We thought of this package for those who want to have everything clear and planned right from the start of the season and not have to think about when and how to go and have the bike serviced.

The package consists of: 

-N°1 or 2  complete mono and fork preparations 

- mono and fork overhauls every 30 hours during the year up to a maximum of 3 times per bike 

The cost of the package is 1100 euros with 1 motorbike or 2000 for two motorbikes 


Here we are talking about an experience, a path developed for you to make you feel  like at the world championship.

The experience consists of:

-N° 1 pre-season test on track with WS Suspension

-N°1 or 2 complete preparations of mono and forks with dedicated calibration and smoothness review

-N°1 2-day post-preparation track test with the possibility of verifying and possibly developing the calibration directly on the track to achieve perfection

-1 test in August to check progress and  update the calibrations if necessary

- Mono and fork overhauls every 20 hours of operation with a maximum of 3 times a year per bike  

---Priority on any work during the year and priority on the track at races where WS Suspension is already present 

the total cost of the experience is  2000 euros  for the 1 motorbike package and 2800 euros for the two motorbike package.

motocross suspension
ws suspension

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